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Having a baby is an enormous responsibility. Birth can also be a powerful and positive experience for a family when they welcome their baby. By making the decision to have a home birth, you are taking control of your body and your health care. In the past this responsibility has been given over to doctors and hospitals. Today more and more women are turning to midwives to help them have the birth they desire.

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Many people think that homebirth is dangerous. However research shows that for healthy women with normal pregnancies the risk of c-section, forceps, labor induction, artificial rupture of the membranes, augmentation and their associated problems are significantly less if you birth at home.

Most homebirth practices have a c-section rate of 3% to 5% compared to the national average of 29%. Remember too that many hospitals now insist on a repeat c-section if you have already had a c-section.

Women and the fathers also report a much higher level of satisfaction when they have their babies with a midwife.

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AAHCC: American Academy of Husband Coached Childbirth (Bradley Method)
APP: Associate Polarity Practitioner
BCST: Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist
BLS: Basic Life Support
CCE or CBE: Certified Childbirth Edu
CE: Childbirth Educator: Morgan’s Method in Hypnotherapy
CPD: Certified Postpartum Doula (DONA)
CHBE: Cerrtified Happiest Baby on the Block Educator
CHT: Certified Hypnotherapist
CIIM: Certified Instructor of Infant Massage
CLC: Certified Lactation Consultant
CLE: Certified Lactation Educator
CLD or CD: Certified Labor Doula (CAPPA and DONA: national certifying organizations)
CLE: Certified Lactation Educator
CMD: Certified Massage Doula
CMT: Certified Massage Therapist
CNM: Certified Nurse Midwife
CPM: Certified Professional Midwife
DrPH: Doctor of Public Health
FAAP: Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics
IBCLC: Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant
L.Ac.: Licensed Acupucturist/Chinese Herbalist
CLE: Certified Lactation Educator (Breastfeeding Instructor)
LCSW: Licensed Clinical Social Worker
LM: Licensed Midwife
LVN: Licensed Vocational Nurse
MFT: Marriage and Family Therapist
NCBTMB:National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
MD: Medical Doctor
NAPCS: National Postpartum Care Services
PBT : Prenatal and Birth Therapist, graduate Dr. Ray Castellino’s Foundation Training, BEBA Clinic, Santa Barbara,CA.
RN: Registered Nurse
RSCT: Registered Craniosacral Therapist, Craniosacral Therapy Assn. of N. America; (

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